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11+ Scholarship Day

Thursday 15th November 2018

At Casterton, Sedbergh Prep School we pride ourselves on continually recognising the efforts and achievements of our pupils. Every child, from Nursery through to Year 8, benefits from our excellent teaching, facilities and pastoral care.

We also recognise distinctive abilities and potential through our 11+ Scholarships. They are the highest awards available, granted at the Headmaster’s discretion to children entering Year 7, and are designed to nurture talent and ability in the fields of Academia, Music, Drama, Sport, Art and Design, Technology and Engineering. There is also an All-Rounder category for children who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the School, through a combination of the above as well as the field of leadership.

Pupils with scholarships receive a financial concession towards their tuition fees and become a member of the Scholars’ programme. The financial award will continue throughout the time the child is a pupil at Sedbergh School.

Further information regarding the different categories and assessments can be found in this 11+ Scholarship booklet which can be found here. Our next Scholarship Day will be held on Thursday 15th November 2018. Should you wish to register for a place on this day please complete this form and send it to Mrs Mandy Marshall, Registrar, at admissions@sedberghprep.org

If you have any questions regarding the Scholarships, or Sedbergh Prep School in general, please contact Mrs Marshall on the email address above or by calling 015242 79200, ext 9205.

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Prep School Prospectus

We are excited by the curiosity and thirst for learning that each child, regardless of their academic ability, naturally displays. We work hard to allow each child to ask why, to query and to have the time to develop their thoughts into fresh discoveries and innovations.

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Prep School Sport

Sedbergh is renowned for its top level achievement in a wide variety of sports, with boys and girls featuring prominently in national and international teams – and the School boasts 35 capped alumni in its ranks. The foundation for this achievement is built at The Prep School.

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Prep School Life

Prep School Life
Sedbergh is a School where you are presented with a huge range of opportunity. It is a School which expects its pupils to seize the opportunity or, better, create the opportunity. It is our firm belief that it is much better to try something and fail rather than avoiding something because of the fear of failing.

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